Friday, August 15, 2014

This will now be more of a work in progress blog. My main site has moved.

If you followed this blog before, I have moved my portfolio to

So I may or may not use this blog for work in progress screens for personal projects. The other option is to add a WIP page to my portfolio.

Thanks for checking my art out.


Friday, December 7, 2012

Kinect Star Wars - X-Wing

The X-Wing had to be one of my favorite tasks on Kinect Star Wars. I made two versions for our first teaser of the game. It was interesting to go through the reference given to us by the Lucas group as well as anything I could grab online. There are many variants of this ship in the films, which gave many options on parts. High Poly/Low Poly models and UV's were done in MAX. Textures were done in Photoshop, XNormal, and Crazybump. Sadly due to story/time line changes the Space Flight levels this was used in were cut. It's only use in the final game are as an easter egg on the title screen and a save game icon.

Kinect Star Wars - Tie Fighter

The Tie Fighter was the second vehicle I made for Kinect Star Wars. High Poly/Low Poly/UVs were all done in MAX. The final asset made it into the Rancor Rampage section of Kinect Star Wars. You can knock it out of the air King Kong style. The original Space Flight section that used this was cut due to the story/time line changes. Textured version was captured in our model viewer.

Kinect Star Wars - Escape Pod

This is the very first ship I made for Kinect Star Wars. Early on in production, we were working towards accurate models with somewhat stylized textures. Everyone was inspired by the original movie concepts from Ralph McQuarrie. The styles changed many times throughout the project.

Kinect Star Wars - Rancor Rampage Tractor

This vehicle was challenging and fun to make. It's based on the Felucian Tractor seen in an episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network. There were very few shots to pull reference from and I had a very short time frame to make it. It ended up working out pretty well. In the Rancor Rampage mode of Kinect Star Wars, you can knock it around or break it. The various parts will sim once broken.

Kinect Star Wars - Kamino Environments

At Terminal Reality most levels are a group effort. These are the sections I contributed to. I did all the modeling and texturing of the hallways. I built the machinery and textures for the clone room. The tube baby was done by Juan Domanski, I only optimized it to help framerate/memory. In the third section, I made the towers/bridge and utilized some shared textures to save on memory. The Kamino level was cut from the final game.

Kinect Star Wars - Rock Pillar

Early in production we were shooting for a more stylized look. This rock pillar was part of an early test to see what style felt right for the Pod Races. Process was as follows: Low poly built in MAX, High Poly sculpted in ZBrush, Retopo and Paint in 3DCoat with a splash of Photoshop. Concept by Grant Gosler.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kinect Star Wars - Obstacle Course Props

Here are some props that I made for an obstacle course that was cut from the game. Textures/pieces were reused to save on memory. Concepts by Grant Gosler.

Dropping some old Ghostbusters art.

Here are two shots of the physics playground known as The Kitchen. It was in the hotel level and you ended up fighting the Chef Ghost here. Minus a couple of props and decals, every asset you see was modeled/UV/textured by me. The player could interact/shoot/break/move nearly everything in this section of the level. There are more room however, they contain the same assets and textures.